Tattoo Removal Portland


“Seriously, they deserve more than 5 stars! I had an amazing experience even before I went in for my first appointment. Jenni is so quick to respond if you have questions. I went in on a Saturday for my first appointment and both Jenni and Garrett (Dr. Vangelisti) made me feel so welcomed and comfortable. Even as far as putting my favorite Pandora station on! I recommend them to anyone looking to get a tattoo removed.

To top off an already great experience, it was painless! You can’t go wrong by choosing The UnTattoo Parlor.  You will regret going anywhere else!”

-Jessica H.

“I’m still waiting for someone to pop out from behind a curtain and tell me this experience was a dream.  This was unreal!  Ive had two tattoos removed in the past and no joke, it’s probably the most painful thing you can go through.  But if you really want your embarrassing tattoo gone then you suck it up and deal.  

The UnTattoo Parlor is a game changer!!  Garrett injects your tattoo with lidocaine prior to the laser and you DON’T FEEL A SINGLE THING.  Like not one thing!  I was grinning from ear to ear the entire time like an idiot because I was in disbelief.  I almost wish you couldn’t come here unless you’d experienced tattoo removal without subcutaneous numbing at least once.  But alas.

This place is legit!  Clean, quiet, incredibly fast, and pain free.  Not to mention very competitively priced – and you won’t be offered lidocaine anywhere else.  This place is a dream come true for people like me looking to erase bad decisions from 2005.”

-Jillian W

“My experience at the Untattoo Parlor was great, awesome space and the local anesthetic was very nice. No pain.”

-Emily H.

“I’ve been to a couple places to get tattoos removed. Most were med spas and one was even a tattoo shop, which was awkward. The Untattoo Parlor is much more my speed. No Botox or before/after treatment for cellulite photos laying around or tattoo artists watching you get their work removed. It’s a beautiful space. Simple and inviting. The people were all amazing. They made sure I was comfortable. They even numbed my foot and checked in the entire time that I couldn’t feel any pain!!! I’ve never had that luxury before! It was fantastic. They talked with me about how many treatments it may take and explained the after care well. I was in and out pretty fast. It was a great experience.”

-Lauren K.

“Literally quick and painless! I’m finally done with the eyesore that I once loved, and no longer have to see the evidence of the irresponsible teenager I once was. The Untattoo Parlor helped restore my confidence, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process!”

-Addie J.

“I have had laser tattoo removal in the past, and it pales in comparison to the experience and results from Dr. Vangelisti at the Untattoo Parlor. Getting laser tattoo removal usually hurts, but not with Dr. Vangelisti. After a little local anesthetic, it was completely pain free! I highly recommend the Untattoo Parlor.”

-Logan S.

“I had a tattoo removed a few years ago and remember how painful it was. The Untattoo Parlor completely changed my experience. They offered a local anesthetic which, aside from the poke of the needle, made the entire treatment pain-free. They have a beautiful office and I felt safe knowing the doctor administering the treatment was experienced and professional.”

-Jennifer K.

“My experience with the Untattoo Parlor has been nothing but wonderful. So often stories are heard of how painful the removal process can be but Garret ensured I was completely comfortable the entire time. Any time I felt pain during the process he took care to stop and numb the area a bit more while he worked on another area. I also have to mention how wonderful the office space is. While it may be small, it is clean and cozy and doesn’t have the uncomfortable fluorescent light feel of a doctors office. Over all an awesome place with kind, professional staff that really care about their patients. Highly recommended.”

-Alyssa C.