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We are experts in removing tattoos safely, effectively, and with minimal discomfort. Our technology, the Candela Picoway laser, has been shown to remove unwanted ink in half the time of older machines and with measurably better clearance. We have been open since 2015 and have nurses providing treatments who can administer lidocaine and use picosecond lasers.

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We make it easy.

Tell us about your specific tattoo and we can recommend the best path forward. Sometimes removal is not the best option when lightening will work to create space for your next work of art.

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How Laser Tattoo
Removal Works

At The UnTattoo Parlor we see most tattoos disappear in 6-9 treatments spaced about 8-12 weeks apart. The laser makes it possible for your body’s immune system to carry away the tattoo ink by breaking it down into smaller and smaller fragments.

Once the particles of ink have been broken down enough, the body’s white blood cells are able to gradually dispose of the pigment.

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We’ve treated more
than 10,000 tattoos

There is almost nothing we haven’t seen and removed. To find out if your particular tattoo can be safely removed, set up a free consultation and we can walk you through the process and find out if tattoo removal is right for you.

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Patient Experiences
“To top off an already great experience, it was painless! You can’t go wrong by choosing The UnTattoo Parlor. You will regret going anywhere else!”

Jessica H.

“My experience at the Untattoo Parlor was great, awesome space and the local anesthetic was very nice. No pain.”

Emily H.

“It’s a beautiful space. Simple and inviting. The people were all amazing.”

Lauren K

“Literally quick and painless The Untattoo Parlor helped restore my confidence, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process!”

Addie J.

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