Tattoo & Makeup Removal Pricing


*all treatments are administered by a licensed nurse

Tattoo Removal Price Per Session

Any ink that would fit inside a 1/2″ diameter:

$175 (without lidocaine)
$200 (including lidocaine)


A small area, ink that would fit into about 1/4 of a letter size sheet of paper:

$275(without lidocaine)
$325(including lidocaine)


A medium area, ink that would fit into about 1/2 of a letter size sheet of paper:

$400+ (without lidocaine)
$450+ (including lidocaine)


A large area, ink that would fit inside of a letter size sheet of paper:

$600+ (without lidocaine)
$700+ (including lidocaine)


Permanent Makeup Removal Price Per Session

Eyebrow Pigment Removal:

Before treating an entire brow, we recommend coming in for a free consultation and allowing us to do a test spot with the laser. The test spot will give us an idea if or how the pigment may oxidize or change color and will allow us to craft a treatment plan for removal or lightening of the pigment. We recommend scheduling your first appointment for a full treatment about 3-4 weeks after the test spot has healed.

The picosecond lasers we use remove permanent and semi-permanent pigment do not affect the hair follicles. Immediately after treatment, the hair may temporarily turn a whitish color, however, this reaction usually subsides after a few hours and the hair returns to its normal color.

For pair of eyebrows:

$300 (without lidocaine)
$350 (including lidocaine)


Eyeliner Pigment:

Semi-permanent eyeliner pigment usually fades more quickly than tattoo pigment on other areas of the body. On average about 6-9 treatments are required to remove the pigment entirely and most patients see changes after the first treatment

After numbing, eye drops are administered, aluminum eye shields are placed in the eye sockets in order to fully protect the eyes from the laser. Depending on how much ink you have, the whole process usually takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes. The numbing eye drops do not affect your vision and most people find the numbing effect wears off in under an hour.

For both eyes, upper and/or lower lids:

$350 (without lidocaine)
$450 (including lidocaine)


Numbing for Tattooing:

Determined by size and location of area to be numbed: