Debunking the Myth of Removing Green Ink

Can Green Ink Be Removed?

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is in regards to the myth of green ink. There seems to be a perception that green ink is the hardest, if not impossible ink to remove. All ink and all colors of ink can be treated and lightened with a laser but the catch is that the laser has to have a wavelength that corresponds to the color of ink being treated. For example, a 532 nm wavelength laser will blast away red, pink and yellow ink but it will not make a dent in black or green.  The same is true for a 1064nm wavelength that is a master at breaking up black pigment but does not treat colors.  A 755nm wavelength laser is the only wavelength that has been proven to effectively treat green ink.  Currently, there is no picosecond laser on the market that will treat all colors and pigments. When we purchased our Cutera Enlighten laser in March of last year we believed that this would be the first laser to be able to treat all pigments and colors. While the Enlighten laser does deliver on its promise to remove black, red, orange, yellow and pink pigment in about half the number of treatments of a standard Q-Switched laser, it falls short in its ability to effectively clear green ink. Likewise, the other picosecond laser on the market manufactured by Cynosure has been shown to be great at clearing out green and blue pigments but struggles to remove black ink. When it comes to removing your tattoo the laser wavelength being used must correspond to the colors in your tattoo. For example, black inks require a 1064 nm laser, green ink requires a 755 nm laser and red, orange, yellow and pink inks require a 532 nm laser. 

Tattoo Removal Before and After
Before + After First Treatment

We can now remove Blue and Green tattoo ink

The UnTattoo Parlor now offers treatments with our Cynosure Picosure laser to effectively remove green, blue and purple inks. This laser has been shown to be the most effective laser for removing cool pigments.