5 Reasons You May Need To Seek Professional Tattoo Removal Services

If you are one of the 17% of people (according to statisticbrain.com) who have regrets after getting a tattoo, you might be ready to explore professional tattoo removal options.

While a few at-home tattoo removal options are circulating the web, we highly recommend visiting a parlor for a professional tattoo removal consultation and session. You will not only have a better experience than other options for tattoo removal, but you’ll receive better results at a faster speed.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should seek professional tattoo removal services:

1. Professional tattoo removal is faster

Because of the way the body processes tattoo pigments, pigment particles must be broken up into pieces small enough for the immune system to engulf and remove through the liver. So where tattoo removal creams and other topical applications might slowly fade the tattoo and surrounding skin, professional tattoo removal lasers get right to the source by breaking the particles up with nanosecond bursts of light. This makes the tattoo fade faster than any topical or cream treatment could ever do.

2. There’s a reduced chance of scarring

Other tattoo removal methods include dermabrasion, salabrasion and excision, all of which are painful and expensive procedures requiring a fair amount of healing time and a high chance of scarring. Professional tattoo removal lasers target only tattooed skin, breaking up pigments while leaving the skin around it alone.

3. Get the safest treatment from medical professionals

When you go to a professional tattoo removal shop, like The UnTattoo Parlor, you benefit from a medically trained staff. The process of removing a tattoo, even when using professional tattoo removal lasers, is taxing on the body, so it’s important to be in the presence of medical professionals who can take your medical history and provide the best care for your skin before and after treatment.

4. Lasers are more effective at eliminating all colors of ink

Some pigments are more difficult to remove from the skin than others. Professional tattoo removal lasers run on specific bandwidths of light that target particular colors, and help to break up the green and blue pigments that are notoriously difficult. At The UnTattoo Parlor, we use two lasers specifically chosen to target the broadest range of ink colors.

5. You’ll receive the least painful treatment

Non-professional tattoo removal options like dermabrasion and excision require removal or partial destruction of the tattooed skin, which can be pretty painful and require a lot of healing time. When getting professional tattoo removal services, some people experience pain, but having a physician on staff allows us to offer local anesthetic to make your experience pain-free!