We Love Tattoos

It might seem strange that a tattoo removal shop loves tattoos but we do. We believe in the artistry and tradition that lies behind body art and that is why we have set out to embrace the beauty and authenticity of ink. Our goal is to offer a service that can get rid of the tattoos that you don’t want so there can be space for ones you do. We believe that the only real constant in life changes. The freedom to create, to think different and to lead unique lives means that every now and then we might require a clean canvas.

Second Chance Tattoos

Serving the Portland area we allow for tattoo artists to continue to deliver quality tattoos where unwanted tattoos once lived. Before some tattoos are able to get covered up, they may need to be lighter in color. In just a few sessions at The UnTattoo Parlor, you will notice a significant difference in your dark colors to start your next tattoo.

The UnTattoo Parlor allows people a second chance of creating their ideal body art. We invite anyone who has second thoughts on their tattoos to come talk to our staff about opportunities to get it right.