What Is the Best Tattoo Removal Laser?

The best laser for tattoo removal is a picosecond laser. Picosecond lasers remove tattoos more quickly and completely than older-style Q-Switch lasers.

While Picosecond lasers can remove nearly any color ink, there’s no single model that takes care of everything.

A laser with a 755nm wavelength is best for green and blue ink. A wavelength of 532nm gets rid of red, orange, yellow, and brown. A 1064nm wavelength is the best choice for black and some other dark colors.

If you want all the colors in your rainbow-colored tattoo to fade away, you’ll need to find a shop with more than one laser. The Untattoo Parlor uses two lasers that, in combination, can remove nearly any color.

The Enlighten Cutera has been our laser of choice since March 2015. We’ve recently acquired a PicoSure laser. With these two weapons in our arsenal, we can eradicate a full range of colors, including green and blue.

Removing Green and Blue Tattoo Ink

“Can you remove green tattoos?” It’s a question we hear a lot. It isn’t easy being green. It also isn’t easy to remove a green tattoo in Portland. Not many shops around town have the necessary equipment. We do.

The PicoSure wields a 755nm wavelength and will remove green and blue ink. The Cutera has wavelengths of 532nm and 1064nm. Previously, with the Cutera, we’ve been able to clear green hues that are a combination of yellow and blue. We can now handle true green with our PicoSure laser.

What’s a Picosecond Laser, and Why Is It the Best Tattoo Removal Laser?

Picosecond lasers work similarly to older lasers, but they are faster and more effective. Both styles of laser erase tattoos by breaking them apart so the body can flush out the particles.

Compared to other lasers, picosecond lasers create smaller particles that are flushed out more quickly. Q-Switch lasers are still used in some places, but picosecond lasers are superior.

A picosecond laser delivers a pulse of light to the skin every trillionth of a second. It’s hard to wrap your mind around “a trillionth of a second.” Just keep in mind that these speedy lasers cut treatment times by about half while removing a wider range of colors.

The Food and Drug Administration approved for tattoo removal the new lasers in December 2012. The lasers are a boon for the many people who want a tattoo removed.

Our Cutera laser has been very effective. Our clients love the speed at which we work. While tattoo removal often involves repeat visits, the Cutera removes ink in fewer treatments.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Picosecond Laser Removal?

No one type of treatment is right for every situation. Laser removal can be painful. Because we have a physician on staff, we can minimize discomfort with a local anesthetic.

Laser removal requires judgment and experience. In the hands of an unqualified technician, removal could scar. Some ink pigments, such as white or pink, may turn dark under a laser.

Choosing a good laser technician is the best way to avoid unwanted results. Our staff is caring, experienced, and medically certified.

We closely monitor clients. At the first sign of trouble, we’ll stop the treatment and re-evaluate your situation. Poor results are rare. We’re able to remove or significantly lighten most tattoos.

The Untattoo Parlor has the most comprehensive set of tools, best tattoo removal lasers, and talent for tattoo removal in Portland. Contact us for a consultation.